Botox Cosmetic® - AKA "Muscle Relaxant for the Face"


Science: Onabotulinum Toxin A – A purified protein and neurotoxin complex produced in a controlled lab setting from the bacterium Clostridium Botulinim.

Voila! BOTOX COSMETIC® is formed and decreases muscle movement to the injection site.

Beauty: Pesky wrinkles are formed by repetitive creasing in the skin caused by the expressions we make all day every day. After awhile, these wrinkles have the audacity to Enlarge! Deepen! And become Permanent!

BOTOX COSMETIC® tells these wrinkles to chill out and relaxes the muscles, allowing the skin to smooth out naturally for a softer look.

Fine Lines Medical

Botox can be used on men and women ages 18 to 65 who are bothered by expressions on their face caused by muscle tension – rather than emotion. 

Botox can be used to treat:

– frown lines between the brows (20 – 30 units)

– horizontal lines across the forehead (6 – 20 units)

– crows feet on the outer corners of the eyes (24 – 30 units)

– gummy smile (2 – 4 units)

Joanne Prodahl

At Fine Lines, our owner and expert injector, Joanne Prodahl, RN, is an experienced and conservative injector. You never run the risk of being over-Botoxed or looking frozen when you are in Jo’s careful hands.

Botox Cosmetic® Frequently Asked Questions


You will notice results from your treatment in about a week and can expect treatments to be every 3-4 months.

No. The treatment takes about 15 minutes and you can continue on with your day.

Definitely not. The goal is to give you natural looking results. Frozen is not natural!


"Joanne has the expertise of an advisor and the trust of a dear friend."

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