Joanne Prodahl
Owner, Nurse Injector

Joanne’s desire to help people is what drove her to pursue a career as a Registered Nurse. For 25 years she worked in Canada and the United States where she found her niche as a Neonatal ICU Nurse. Caring for infants was where she fit best and excelled in the field.

Being with sick children taught Joanne how to convey a caring and compassionate attitude and attention to detail—a trait that carried well into the cosmetic industry.

Joanne has the distinguished honour of being in the top 3% of injectors across Canada. This privilege enables her to attend elite level training with top injectors from around the world.

She is always eager to learn new and improved ways to help her clients.

Joanne is passionate about cosmetic injectables. She loves to see her clients showing off their natural beauty.

“I saw the results in my own face and loved how it made me feel. I want my clients to have that same feeling. This has never changed. I’ve never felt ugly or bad about myself, I wanted to look on the outside how I felt on the inside. Being able to help my clients in the same way is why I do this and what keeps me coming into the clinic every day.”  – Joanne Prodahl


A background in procurement with Alberta Health Services for 30 years, Donna has managed more people at one time than most people will in a lifetime. She is the voice on the other end of the phone when clients call, and her positivity and kindness are infectious. Always punctual and willing to go the extra mile, Donna is Joanne’s right arm within the clinic.

Donna has been married for 40 years. She has 2 grown children, and 4 grandchildren who she loves and spoils. Family is Donna’s whole world. 

Her warm smile is the first thing you’ll see when visiting the clinic and she will leave you feeling welcome and at home. 

“Donna has been with me since the beginning! She is elegant, immature, incredibly smart, reliable, funny, hard working, and loyal. She is detail focused and keeps the clinic flowing. I don’t know what I’d do without her. She has become one of my dear friends, who I am so thankful every day to get to work along side with.”   – Joanne Prodahl.


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